Monday, November 1, 2010

Twitter's Stocks are WAY up!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed an article on my Twitter feed titled, "Twitter Makes Me Like People I've Never Met, and Facebook Makes me Hate People I Know in Real Life." Once again, I had to see what their reasoning behind this truthful statement.

Although the article itself is relatively concise, it raised some valid points. I remember once when MySpace was the best and most popular social networking tool, but after several years became slightly frowned upon and less desirable to keep one updated.

Well, this article implied Facebook was following the same detrimental path. When Facebook began, it was used exclusively for college students attending selected universities, but then of course expanded world wide as explained in my previous blogs.

But it seems like every month Facebook changes or adds yet another feature or virtual game. In order for those who have nothing else better to do with their time online, you typically have to "allow access" to the specific game and ask to "invite" your friends to play.

Of course this is deemed quite annoying, but Facebook has gotten better to mask the obvious annoyance of these requests. Hence, the portion of the article's title, Facebook makes me hate those I know in real life.

Aside from the games, the obnoxious status updates and "check-ins" of where your friends are can get extremely monotonous. I honestly do not care if you checked into the restaurant down the block.

But I will say, if you are wondering what a long-lost friend is up to, Facebook is clearly the way to find out and fill you into personal facts about others. Lest we forget the Zuckerberg law.

Twitter on the other hand, though slow to grow compared to Facebook, is true serendipity. As an avid Twitter fan, I always look forward to what my favorite businesses and companies are up to and what sort of trivia-related tweets.

My personal favorite company to follow is @Smirnoff_There because they never fail to personally mention my name when I tweet them in response to trivia or general questions they ask about vodka cocktails and such.

It is only a matter of time until we see how this popularity and credibility race between Facebook and Twitter pan out. My thoughts are Facebook will eventually clean up their spam-like actions and attempt to achieve a more business-like level like Twitter.

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