Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Do Palin and Snooki Have in Common?

Today in my Twitter feed I scrolled across an article from AdAge which was retweeted and by @Socialmedia411 titled, "A Twitter Smackdown: Sarah Palin vs. Snooki." Being an advertising major and familiar with the two, I had to read it and see what AdAge had to say.

In a satirical manor, the article compared Palin and Snooki (whatever her real name is) based on Twitter popularity statistics. Since I follow both of them, I made a few mental notes of the facts and observations AdAge came up with.

First off, the two being compared to each other is absolutely absurd but entertaining nonetheless. Secondly, why Snooki is famous and prompting her as noteworthy as Palin is completely irrational.

The article discusses and compares @SarahPalinUSA versus @Sn00ki mentions and Palin wins by a landslide, however I've noticed that Palin does not tweet quite as often as Snooki but gives much more substance and mentions to political trending topics.

I almost wish I was not following Snooki because of her mindless and irrelevent tweets. "@Sn00ki: Lunch with my hunnie by the river :) sucha nice day out!! Eatin outside so I get my tan on," is just one of her pointless tweets which I feel defeats the purpose of twitter in a social-networking sense. I roll my eyes when I see tweets that do not offer any valid substance.

Palin on the other hand, although on a completely different level than Snooki on all accounts tweet things such as, "@SarahPalinUSA: Beautiful story, beautiful results - the Chilean miners' will to live is inspiration and encouragement for all mankind." These are the kind of things I like to see and read on my twitter feed, current, relevant and notable comments that can maybe spark topic in conversation.

The article also breaks down with a pie chart the markets which tweet about Palin and Sknooki the most. Both have New York as heavy tweeters, but interestingly enough the article points out Snooki is also heavily followed by Toronto residents. AdAge mentions the notion that males are more likely to tweet about Palin rather than Snooki. Probably because her depiction on the embarrassingly idolized MTV show, "The Jersey Shore," so men do not have a favorable outlook on her. This is probably why:

Viewer discretion advised.

I think it is interesting how AdAge chose to pair the two in a sense of comparing their impact and popularity on twitter. Honestly and obviously Palin is a much more credible icon to follow and with a significant fan base, although Snooki has more twitter followers. Though I do not understand how she does not have fewer because of her completely obnoxious nonsense. No sooner do I type that statement and her tweet pops up in the corner of my TweetDeck.

Here is the AdAge article:

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