Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad Idea: Cutting Facebook Friends.

I'm not big on watching the major television networks' late-night talk show hosts shows since Conan O'Brian was released. Thankfully he's back on TBS, but on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, he included a segment of his show to encourage people to "cut the friend fat," you may have on Facebook.

Sure Facebook may have started with the intentions to keep up with old college friends and such, but I really think this segment is insulting to the power and intelligence Facebook has and can convey. He naturally mocks the notion that someone simply cannot have over 1,000 friends and that your true friends are the ones who will allegedly respond to your status update, "I'm moving and need help!"

In a sense I agree with his observation in which no one can really "know" or be close friends of 1,000+ people, but the whole notion of starting a "National De-friend Holiday," said to be held on November 17th is irrelevant to the power of social networking.

Of course people are friends with others' mutual friends, and the chain reaction will endlessly continue, but the whole idea is rather insulting to those who appreciate Facebook for more than keeping up with friends.

The lack of acknowledgement Kimmel gives to the world's largest and most well-know social media tool is rather sickening in my opinion. Facebook can generate optimal PR for companies or people with small businesses through the help of exactly what he is trying to tell you to lose--friends!

The more friends you have, whether you know them or not, can help promote or launch your viral video and get you famous on YouTube; or help you start your own cupcake bakery by passing along the message.

I just think his whole approach, noted that he is a comedian, is extremely ignorant of what power social media can actually do. How would he like it if he was trying to promote a book he wrote and lacked in the friends department for promotion? Not to mention if he cuts out his friends, he will not be a desired media outlet for endorsements or partnerships if he does not have a strong following.

Poor PR move Jimmy.

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