Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Didn't I Think of This?!

One of my good friends sparked my attention yesterday about a new browser--RockMelt. At first I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and finally she was invited by a user to download it and of course sent me an exclusive invite as well.

After frantically downloading the browser way too many times, it opened new doors for the functionality of keeping up with my social media updates.

The browser is a mesh of FireFox, Safari and TweetDeck combined into one functional and exciting web browser. It's sheer perfection.

I don't know why no one has thought of this before. Social media is focused around convenience, functionality and instantaneous feedback and RockMelt incorporates all of the above in a concise way.

The features are very user friendly as well; not only can you browse the Web at ease but while doing so, you can have quick tabs on the side including: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, essentially whatever Web site you wish to jump to quickly and check notifications.

Also you can effortlessly update your status and choose which outlet you want to post it to. You can easily share videos, articles, etc. on Facebook or Twitter with the click of a button. Through Facebook you also can choose a list of your favorite friends to follow and chat with them without having the annoyance of minimizing and switching windows.

Another feature I discovered--downloading attachments from emails appear at the bottom of your browser and stay there until you wish to delete them. The only thing I find strange is the bookmark. I feel the bookmark is unnecessary because of the side tabs located on the right of the browser. It makes it too cluttered in my opinion but slightly irrelevant.

Clearly, convenience is key; RockMelt is just one of the innovative ways to cut time in half of bouncing around to different Web sites to manage your accounts. Social media will never take steps back nor will it become obsolete in this constant technological progression we're in.

Innovations as such will only make our careers more efficient and more effective if kept up. Time is money and RockMelt definitely saves time.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to receive an invitation.

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