Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"You know.... Google!"

Political comedian Stephen Colbert had Google's CEO Eric Schmidt as his featured guest on last night's Colbert Report. As usual, Colbert probed and ridiculed his billionaire status and standardly mocks Schmidt's figure.

Google has been one of the reoccurring topics in my social media class and ironically Colbert brings up valid arguments in which we have previously discussed.

Colbert tries to tap into the system Google has adopted for its search engine functioning, however Schmidt attempts to debunk the idea of Google using the data mining system, completely denying the fact they use data mining as their way to employ into topics of interest. He claims they use specific algorithm when ranking most relevant websites to a searched topic or word.

Colbert also tries to force an answer out of Schmidt about Google remembering what people type into their search engines. Schmidt claims that the people workign at Google do not remember but the computers will always have that information stored. This leads to the issue of personal privacy.

There has been claim that eventually our generation will be able to erase our virtual history and start fresh, however when Schmidt was quoted of this he now claims the idea was but a joke. Even though this statement perpetuated some negative PR on himself. It seems almost as if he is trying to make his company seem innocent and nonchalant of monitoring usage. Although he never denies it, he acts like this virtual record everyone in the world has is not an important or alarming idea.

In my opinion, Colbert does a fantastic job of playing the devil's advocate of Google's policies and functions. I feel that Colbert had the opportunity to ask Schmidt questions in which most of the general public would be interested in knowing, but he is able to say it in such an insluting way it almost makes the interviewee feel inferior.

Also I think it is interesting how Schmidt pulls himself out of these situations and recover to make him and his company still retain its image.

Below is the link to the interview from September 21, 2010 episode:

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