Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Tweet or not to Tweet

For the longest time I avoided conforming to the social networking craze Twitter. I always thought it was silly to update friends or strangers of your every move. But before taking this PR class, my good friend nearly forced me to sign up for a Twitter account.

For a while I definitely had no idea how to use it or what to do, but once she gave me a quick tutorial can now say I am addicted and partially obsessed!

Although I rarely "tweet" what I'm currently doing, I try to tweet at different companies and brands that ask their followers various questions in hopes they will retweet my responses.

So far only one company has RT one of my responses.

Some of my favorite companies and figures include Steven Colbert, Kim Kardashian is always interesting, Titos Vodka and Smirnoff are looking for consumer feedback. Red Bull and Starbucks typically have promotional events and ideas to tweet about. Southwest airlines also are good about keeping their followers updated.

As much as I enjoy keeping up with some of my favorite companies and their seek for feedback, I really wish more of my favorite companies and establishments would tweet more and update their followers more.

Some of these companies who should update their followers more include KFC, Travelocity, JCREW insider and a few others. I think it is important for companies to encompass their follower's tweet decks and such in order to ensure their company, product, promotion event--whatever is seen, heard, and "retweeted."

These brands and companies may as well use this free social networking tool to their advantage.

I think celebrities are also pretty entertaining to follow, but it gets a little redundant knowing that they get paid to tweet about some brand. It's good PR for whoever is paying them but gets a bit annoying to read. I want insider details, not "Hey! check this website for discounted designer stuff!" It just gets old and makes me question whether or not they're really the ones tweeting.

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